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Notebook and Pen

Words Dancing Together

Tamara Chicoine

Thank you for stopping by.  I am happy to share my poetry and stories with you.

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Words are Waiting

How the writing process works for me

At any given time I have a thousand ideas and words dancing in my thoughts.  These words are just waiting to arrive on my page and tell their story. I am almost always surprised by the end result of a finished piece. It is nothing like I intended it to be. I have learned to trust the process and let the words have their way.

Wild Flowers
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A Table for Four

April 2018

A meeting of three people who are now essential in my life resulted in a published selection of our works.

What would writers do without coffee shops?

Grab a coffee and pull up a chair.

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Image by Gary Bendig

Original Poetry by Tamara Chicoine

Autumn 2018

Sweet Summer

Summer, you have left me

an abrupt departure

the empty wine bottle still on the back deck,

the label, La Rioja, faded by the afternoon sun

My sandals lay on the brown grass

where bare feet and painted toenails

slipped into their softness

now they are covered in a killing frost.

Fire, once alive with frolicking flames, chattering sparks,

surrounded by green striped lawn chairs,

moving shadows, laughter

now lifeless, blackened charcoal, asleep.

I did not heed summer's warning

while walking along the wooden bridge,

the immense trees's arms dangling down at me,

cool winds stripping the leaves from their limbs,

they roll like handfuls of copper pennies thrown at my feet.

Canada Geese above me

flocked in perfect formation and determination

in my mind I could hear the swoosh of their feather grey wings,

still I did not believe you were leaving.

Now the October morning air bites at my face

as if to say, I told you so."

Summer, I shall leave the empty wine bottle

as an offering to you

that you will come again,

bringing familiar surprises

of warm nights and yellow wildflowers.

I will forgive your departure

and it will be like you never left at all

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